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Bad things seem to happen to other people, but you never know when it might happen to you, it's particularly distressing when travelling overseas; your passport and wallet are stolen, a skiing accident leaves you with compound fractures halfway up a mountain, your luggage arrives in Iceland and you're in Thailand, your flight is cancelled, or perhaps you need to return home early due to unforeseen circumstances.

At Travel SOS we're here to assist you. We'll deliver you a comprehensive travel insurance service package covering unwanted occurrences.

Our control center is at your service year-round, 24 hours a day.

So, you can rest assured that whatever the circumstances our team is here to provide you with all the help you need.

Because whenever and wherever you need us you can be secure in the knowledge that we'll be there for you.

Travel SOS, providers of peace of mind

Travel SOS provides travelers with peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that we're available at any time of the day, throughout the year. Our insurance package has been tailor-made by travelers, for travelers and covers all your needs while you're away.

Our loyalty program enables experienced travelers who spend a lot of the year traveling to benefit from our comprehensive coverage at highly attractive rates, occasional travelers who travel perhaps twice or three times a year can make a considerable saving on their travel coverage as members of our loyalty program.

Our service package is composed of three main categories:

Travel SOS


24/7 traveler support

Our 24/7 traveler support service is available for all your travel needs, including medical advisory, emergency response, travel guidance and advisories, theft and lost luggage support, cancellation and rebooking support.

Our support team provides travelers with advice and assistance in a variety of matters including lost luggage, legal advice, visa and passport advice, hospital referrals and recommendations, translator services, cancelled or missed flights, emergency travel assistance, and more. We issue destination reports and travel advisories with up to date information regarding such matters as entry requirements, necessary vaccinations, how to identify and avoid known scams in the region, security issues, notification of events and emergency situations such as natural disasters, civil unrest, etc.

Travel SOS


Search & rescue

In case of medical situations such as natural disasters, accidents, injuries or sickness, we have teams available to provide emergency search and rescue services at short notice.

We can have assistance on site providing rapid emergency assistance no matter where you are. Our teams are experts at deploying rapidly in order to locate and provide care in remote and potentially dangerous sites. Whatever the type of emergency, whether a natural disaster, an accident, an activity-related injury, an illness or medical emergency, our crews are equipped to deal with the situation.

Travel SOS



In case of a medical emergency, accident, natural disaster, or civil unrest we are here to provide evacuation and transportation services at a moment's notice across the globe.

We can have assistance on site providing rapid emergency assistance no matter where you are. In the case of a medical emergency our medical support team can conduct a remote video assessment of the situation and recommend the best way forward, including transfer to specialist local hospitals or medical repatriation flights to the medical center of choice. In the case of natural disasters or civil unrest we provide travelers with safe passage and transport back home.

In the tragic event of a fatality we'll make all the necessary arrangements to transport and repatriate the deceased and the bereaved traveling family members.

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