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5 Best Apps for Your American Road Trip

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Going on a cross-country road trip is an American tradition especially during spring break. It’s so much easier to do now, not to mention more enjoyable, with the proliferation of smartphone apps that can help you from creating the itinerary to making sure you don’t miss any interesting sights along the way.

So whether you’re a veteran road tripper or a newbie in the pleasure of traveling the country’s superhighways, take a look at these five apps that can help you get the most out of your great American road trip.


A little planning can go a long way, especially with Roadtrippers. This app can help you chart the course of your drive. All you need to do is input your start and end points, then Roadtrippers will come up with a sensible route and a list of places you can stop by along that route.

The list is categorized and usually includes both tourist attractions and offbeat spots. To help you decide on your itinerary, each destination is accompanied by photos, user reviews, contact details, and a website address.

You can track your favorites simply by tapping the “Add to Trip” button. With a 75,000-plus database of venues, the app also lets you search for hotels, restaurants, and shopping establishments. Roadtrippers is available on iPhone and Android for free.

Roadside America

If you’re all for quirky sites, Roadside America will come in handy. This app points you to oddball cross-country attractions such as the world’s biggest collection of teapots in Tennessee, the world’s largest ball of twine, or the Robot Hall of Fame in Pittsburgh. It also lists rare finds in the architectural and culinary worlds.

While its 10,000-venue database also includes familiar parks, sports arenas, and historical monuments, Roadside America doesn’t forget to provide surprising tidbits about those places. Plus, it tells you where you can catch the most stunning sunsets!

The app’s interface is as fun and colorful as its content. You can plan your itinerary using the built-in map or the search and filter options. Roadside America is available for iPhone users for $3.


What’s a road trip without loud music blasting through the speakers? There’s no need to buy CDs or download songs, just get the app Spotify and you will have thousands of songs at your fingertips.

You can search for your favorite songs as you go, make playlists, or find playlists by other Spotify members. Spotify is available on iPhone for a monthly fee.

Gas Buddy

Worried your gas expenses might eat up your road trip budget? Try the bargain hunter Gas Buddy, which helps you find the cheapest gas prices. This app finds the gas stations closest to your location and lists the fuel prices at each one so you can score the cheapest deal.

If you know where you’re headed, you can also plan your fuel stops. Just plug in your start and end points and Gas Buddy will pull up the stations along your route together with their fuel prices. The app also indicates a station’s distance from the nearest highway exit, so you can spot it more easily.

The prices on Gas Buddy are submitted by users who drop or pass by the stations. You also get to see when they were posted. This free app is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.


Road trips can be very tiring, especially for the driver. It’s much more so when you’re road tripping alone, as there’s no one to talk to. There’s nothing, then, like the thought of staying in a nice hotel in the next town to give you all the energy you need. With this free app, available on iOS, Android, and Windows, you can look up hotels nearest you and reserve a room, even at the last minute.

The Hotels.com app has listings for over 140,000 properties, and gives you a lot of options about the room, the amenities, as well as the price. It lets you store reservations, saves your favorites to go back to later, as well as track your rewards points for redemption.

With these five apps, going on a road trip is as easy as 1-2-3. Pack a change of clothes, make sure your tank is full, and head off to your adventure of a lifetime.

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