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A True Bucket List Choice

There are certain cities on the planet which are iconic; the simple name brings up images and ideas of the wonderful experiences and attractions you can enjoy. Sydney is certainly one of them.

Packed with iconic structures, architecture, history, vibrant nightlife, shopping, entertainment, and basically a downright damn good time, Sydney is the ideal city to head to for fun and laid-back vibes, with those iconic surfing beaches only a stone’s throw away from the city centre.

Sydney as widely known as the Harbour City, and that is obviously because it is built around that iconic harbour it is famous for. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are definite must visits during your time, and if you can head there during the New Year celebrations, you will be able to see those amazing fireworks first hand!

Of course, you need to find the best accommodation for your needs, because if you end up too far out of the city centre, you’re going to spend a lot of time commuting in and out during your stay, wasting precious time. Check out your options online, searching for cheap hotel Sydney choices, and you’ll find many hotels which will fit your needs and budget.

Saving a little cash on your accommodation will give you more to spend whilst you’re out exploring the city itself, and that’s always a bonus! Of course, if you want to try and win big, head to City West and the Star Casino – this is famous across the entire country, and if you’re lucky, you might make yourself rich! Even if you don’t however, the experience is enjoyable.

Sydney is a very ethnically and culturally diverse city, and that really reflects in the attractions on offer. City South is home to Chinatown, with its colourful and fragrant cuisine to try, or perhaps head to Kings Cross or Woolloomooloo for the bright nightlife and fashion on offer.

Darling Harbour has a lot of entertainment available too, as well as wildlife, museums, and boardwalks, if you simply fancy an afternoon wander. The Rocks is also a very popular area, and very cosmopolitan too, home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney is huge and sprawling, with various districts to enjoy. The CBD area, the central part, is of course packed with shopping and entertainment, but don’t avoid the outskirts of the city either, because here you will find many other hidden gems and great things to see and do.

There’s really not a lot that Sydney doesn’t have, and for that reason, this is one city which should certainly be on your bucket list.

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