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Buying an Economy Car and Circling Australia  

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A road trip around the outer rim of Australia is certainly an epic adventure and one that will take planning and careful decision making before you embark on your journey. If your road trip is going to be lengthy, and let’s face it, circling Australia isn’t a quick business, then it makes far more economical sense to buy a cheap and reliable car, rather than hiring.

Buying a car under any circumstances can be a minefield, but even more so in this situation because you need the vehicle in question to last the duration of your trip, and not leave you on an unknown roadside at some point in your planned journey.

If you’re thinking of buying a cheap car to get you through your trip, consider these few key points first.

Shop around

Something this big needs serious consideration, so shop around a little first, and don’t go for the first deal that attracts your attention. It’s also a good idea to take someone with you when you go to look at a car, so you have a valuable second opinion to fall back on.

Check mileage

It sounds obvious but many people get caught up in the excitement of what’s going and forget the basics. Remember to check the mileage and ask important questions about the reliability of the vehicle.

Get a mechanic involved

Before you say ‘yes’ to buying the car, get a mechanic to have a look under the bonnet and around to check the car out for any glaringly obvious problems. We’ve mentioned the scale of the journey you’re about to undertake, and you don’t want any mechanical hitches going along for the ride.

Test drive always

Remember to go for a test drive before agreeing to anything. Some cars just don’t ‘feel right’, and it’s important to find the right one for you before you head off on your adventure.

Remember breakdown cover and adequate insurance

Once you’ve bought your vehicle remember to insure it adequately, and also remember to purchase some breakdown cover. Now, because your journey is going to be full of miles, you need a service that will cover you on a nationwide basis, and this will mean going for a bigger name. Bigger names sometimes mean higher prices, but in this case it’s certainly worth it.

Do your research, don’t be hasty, and listen to your common sense when it comes to buying a vehicle to go along for the ride on your epic road trip. You don’t want to have memories of constant breakdowns and car-related stress, so take this step very seriously.

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