Captivating Costa Rica and It’s Natural Wonders

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Captivating Costa Rica and It’s Natural Wonders

Who doesn’t dream of visiting the wonder of Costa Rica? If you haven’t even read too much about it, you’re sure to know that it is a beautifully natural destination, and that tiny bit of knowledge is enough to make you want to learn more about it!

From rainforests to volcanoes, cities to beaches, there is a landscape and experience for everyone, and you know what the most exciting thing is? It’s so much easier to visit Costa Rica these days, than it ever has been before. Wonderful news!

From large five star hotels, to Costa Rica beachfront rentals, small B&Bs, to eco lodges, there is an accommodation choice for everyone, no matter what your situation or budget. Further great news!

Costa Rica is a Central American country, which is bordered by Nicaragua and Panama. The country is blessed with coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, which should tell you a lot about the standard of its beaches! Clear water, white sand, swaying palms, and plentiful underwater life is to be found on these idyllic beaches, and if you venture to the far south, on the Caribbean side, you will find some of the most remote and beautiful beaches you will ever set your eyes on.

In terms of when the best time to visit Costa Rica is, you basically need to think about whether you like it hot and wet, or hot and dry! There is no real temperature variation, because the country lies close to the equator, making it tropical no matter what the month. Costa Rica does lack the standard four seasons, and instead it has two distinct seasons, the wet season (loosely labelled as winter), and the dry season (loosely labelled as summer). The dry months are between December and April, with the wetter months being May to November. Despite that, there are parts of the country which is prone to rain no matter what the time, such as the rainforest areas. If you want dry however, the area known as Guanacaste is the place to go, as this is the driest place in the country.

Costa Rica’s real selling point is nature. The country is made up of around 25% protected areas, and within this you will find rainforests, volcanic landscapes, and biodiversity in abundance. The flora and fauna found in Costa Rica is out of this world, and the same can be said for the wildlife. This country is growing in popularity in terms of eco travel, as it becomes so much easier to explore, with countless excursions and tours taking place for a lower price than ever before. The country is also famous for its huge volcano, Arenal, which is active, angry, and downright spectacular!

Of course, there are various regions of the country to check out, depending on what you want to get out of your time away. The capital, San Jose, is located in the Central Valley, and this is where the main airport is also to be found. Here you will find city life and shopping in abundance, as well as plentiful nightlife, whilst also being a stone’s throw away from some fantastic national parks too. The Central Pacific region is certainly one of the most visited, and this is where you will find beaches, resorts, and most of the tourism is based here too.

If you want to go a little more off the beaten track, that is entirely do-able, and you can either try it yourself, or you can book onto a guided tour, so you have a comfort blanket, if you’re not too experienced in lone, or off the beaten track travel. These areas include the Caribbean Costa Rican area, Guanacaste, the Plains of the North, and the South Pacific Costa Rican area. Guanacaste and the Plains of the North are perhaps the most accessible out of that list.

We mentioned that Guanacaste is the driest part of the country, and this is where you will also find fantastic beaches and surfing conditions, as well as many national parks to explore too. The Plains of the North is where you will find Arenal, as well as bubbling hot springs and huge volcanic lakes. This part of the country is a definite must visit for anyone who loves nature, because you will get to see the calmness and fury of nature side by side.

The two other areas are much more remote, and not that well visited. The Caribbean Costa Rican area is famed for its turtle spotting opportunities and white water rafting, but there are also a large amount of mosquitos in this part of the country, which tends to serve as a bit of a deterrent. South Pacific Costa Rica is where you will find jaw-dropping biodiversity, and some of those amazing beaches we were talking about. Is it worth the trek? Certainly!

Put simply, Costa Rica is a huge break from the norm, and one that will certainly pack your mind with memories as well as your camera too. We mentioned that Costa Rica is much easier to visit than it ever has been before, and that includes prices of flights. Why not throw in a twin centre kind of deal and fly indirect to another destination, before venturing onto Costa Rica? You’ll save cash on the indirect flight, whilst also checking out somewhere else too!

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