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Camping in Australia

Sometimes there is nothing better than heading out into the wilderness and enjoying the silence of nature. Sleeping under the stars, listening to the call of wildlife, enjoying the scenery – what more do you need?

Of course, Australia is basically made for camping fun, because the landscapes are downright amazing, and there are countless sites you can head to and enjoy the wilderness experience you’re looking for. Never stop and simply set up camp wherever you like however, as you have to camp in an official site – you’ll get yourself into hot water otherwise.

Despite the huge range, let’s look at some of the best camping spots in Australia, and see if you feel the need to head into the wilderness any time soon.

Mitchell Falls, Western Australia

The journey from the nearest town might be a long one to get to this beautiful spot, but it’s more than worth it for your camping adventure. This is total wilderness, and you certainly need to be prepared and totally self-sufficient to not only enjoy it, but basically survive, but if you are prepared then the rewards are great. The scenery is second to none, and the huge waterfall which is not too far away from the main camping area, is a must visit.

Booderee National Park, New South Wales

If you’re looking for nearby beaches to your camp site then this particular spot is for you, with some of the most blinding white sand beaches around. The camp site is unpowered, so bear that in mind, but if you are a nature lover, then head to this particular camping spot during June or July, when you may be lucky enough to spot whales beginning their migration journey. 

Dawsons Spring, New South Wales

Dawsons Spring is located in Mt Kaputar National Park, and if you head to the highest spot you can find within the camp site, then you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views across most of New South Wales – certainly remember your camera for this one!

Lake Eyre National Park, South Australia

This is actually the lowest point in the country where you can camp, so that’s a claim to fame to consider! Lake Ayre National Park is total wilderness, and there are lots of small camp sites to choose from, so do a little research ahead of time. If you venture to this part of the country during the winter months then you can really explore the lake.

Main Range, Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales

This national park is huge, so you can really pick your spot within the camp site, but again, the higher you get the better the rewards, because that is where you will experience amazing views. This is a camping area where you need to be prepared, as it is literally an open space with no facilities for campers, so make sure you have everything you need before you arrive.

Lucky Bay, Western Australia

Within Cape Le Grand National Park you will find Lucky Bay, with its translucence waters and white sand beaches. The description alone is enough to make you venture there! The landscapes and wildlife around this part of the country are certainly major pulls, and this camping area is also packed with facilities to make your stay more comfortable.

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