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Holiday Build-up Made Simple  

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Planning a holiday can be fun, but it can also be stressful. There are a million things you need to remember, and in the weeks leading up to your time away, if you’re the sole organiser, then you can sometimes feel like your head is about to explode with the responsibility of not forgetting something important. There are a few ways you can reduce the stress, and really you should be trying to do this as much as possible – you’re going on holiday, remember!

It’s easy to let the pre-holiday stress ruin your time away, but the key is not to let it damage your long-awaited break. Throw in a few of these tips to help make your build-up time not only less stressful but also, dare I say it, fun!

Organisation is key

You might think being organised is boring, but if you live your life in a totally unorganised mess of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ then you are running the risk of not only forgetting something, but also making a total mess of things. I’m not suggesting you get a clipboard out and run your time to the letter, but I am suggesting you simply make sure you tick off the boxes that need to be ticked. For example, have you checked you passport validity? Have you checked whether you need a visa? Have you booked your travel insurance? Do these at the time you book your holiday and you won’t need to remember them at a later date.

Lists are your friend

I love a good list, and I love the feeling of accomplishment when I tick something off it! Become familiar with lists and your life will become easier, believe me! Keep a notebook at the side of your bed or in your bag, so when one of those ‘I must remember that’ thoughts pop into your brain you can write it down, without having to remember not to forget.

Make sure your logistics are covered

When booking your holiday, run through your travel day in your head to make sure you’ve covered every leg of your journey. For instance, don’t forget to book your transfer from your arrival airport to resort, otherwise you’re probably looking at a hefty taxi fare. Equally, don’t forget to book your airport parking space to give you a rested start to your travel day. I try and avoid public transport if at all possible, it just stresses me out, and I believe it works out much more expensive. I often book East Midlands Airport parking, and when you tot up the price for a party of four, splitting the cost of driving and parking is just more sensible for me than booking a packed train or coach.

Finally, try and enjoy it!

Don’t allow your pre-holiday stress to ruin the first day or two of your break, you should be enjoying every second! Delegate packing tasks, tick off those must remember items, and try and keep a realistic head on your shoulders – if you forget your toothbrush you can just buy another one, it’s not the end of the world!

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