It’s Not Always the Early Bird Who Catches the Deal

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It’s Not Always the Early Bird Who Catches the Deal

If you’ve ever sat in your office at work, looking out of the window, wondering where the sun went, stuck in an endless rut of grey skies, you could certainly be forgiven for dreaming of far-flung shores, endless sunshine instead of endless grey, and a cocktail in either hand.

You could make that dream a reality, and that’s the beauty of a last minute holiday deal.

Now, there is a rumour that early booking saves you money, and whilst that is true in some respects, e.g. if you’re wanting to grab a free child place, or you need longer to save up, there is plenty of scope for deals when you book at the last minute.


Well hoteliers would rather sell on their empty rooms for less money than leave them empty completely, and the same can be said for seats on an aeroplane. This all adds up to major savings for you, if you play your cards right.

The best place to find a deal is undoubtedly online. A simple search on a price comparison site will bring up the best late deals for you, and you can then tailor-make it to fit your needs. You could make this a long weekend city break, or you could simply book a week off work at the last minute and head off to a beach with plenty of glittering sunshine and sparkling sea. The choice is yours.

What do you need to bear in mind with last minute deals?

Well, basically you need to make sure you look into visa and passport requirements before pressing ‘book’, because if you need to go through a lengthy visa process for the destination you have your eye on, you’re simply not going to have the time. If however you choose a destination which is visa free for you, or simply entails an online visa process which is instant, then you should have no problems. On top of this, make sure you check your passport and that it has enough validity left on it for the destination you choose – this is usually six months after the date of your arrival back home, but does vary slightly depending on where you go.

The beauty of a last minute deal lies in the fact that the build-up is instant, and you’re less likely to be disappointed if the destination doesn’t live up to your expectations, simply because you didn’t have time to build it up in your head. You don’t have as much time to research it either, which means it will all be a wonderful surprise when you arrive.

They say that the best nights out are usually the unplanned ones, and this is also true of unplanned holidays.

So, the next time you’re sat looking out of your window, be it at home or at work, and you’re dreaming of the big wide world out there, looking longingly at a streak of vapour in the air from a passing plane, make your dreams a reality and book a last minute deal – go on, be spontaneous!

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