Malang: A destination full of history, beauty, and nature

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Malang: A destination full of history, beauty, and nature

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Indonesia is basically packed with everything you could ever want from a holiday, and on top of that you have culture and traditions to explore too. Put simply, Indonesia is a destination which certainly has to be explored to really say you have travelled, and with so many internal cities and resorts to choose from, such as the capital Jakarta, or idyllic Bali, you really are spoilt for choice.

One destination which you might not have heard of, but one which is certainly worth a visit, is the vibrant yet historical city of Malang.

Malang is situated in East Java, and it is the second largest city, packed with history and culture for visitors to immerse themselves in. The landscapes surrounding the city are full of possibilities for walking, hiking, cycling, and generally throwing yourself wholeheartedly into nature, however the city itself also has an old Dutch colonial feel, with many examples of architecture relating to this particular time in history. You will also find countless temples and Hindu relics to explore, making Malang one of the most picturesque and interesting cities in the country.

As Malang is a large city, there are many accommodation options available, and many sites online will show you the large range on offer, such as the Hotel Santika Malang, for example. When looking for the best room to stay or cheap hotel deals in, your best bet is always to check online first, as this is where you will find the best deals, and you will also be able to check out photos and reviews, before deciding on where you are going to base yourself for the duration of your break.

The city itself is nestled between two sets of mountains, which gives it a truly cut off feeling – Malang is certainly a place for rest and relaxation, with a city vibe thrown in for good measure; this might sound like a contradiction, but it’s a feeling which Malang seems to master quite well! Mount Semeru, the highest peak in the region, and Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park are located close to the city, and there are countless trips out into the area from the city centre.

On top of this, Balekambang beaches are located a short drive in a southern direction; do bear in mind that locals within the region flock here at weekends, so it might be best to stick to weekdays if you want to enjoy peace and serenity. Additionally, Mount Bromo is a must visit – this is around 2-3 hours’ drive away from the city, but will show you the power of nature, as well as it’s indescribable beauty.

Within the city however there is also plenty to see and do, including a walking city tour, or heading out by pedicab. Ijen Boulevard is a pretty place to head, and this is a street which is lined with fragrant and colourful flowers, and packed with examples of colonial architecture. Purwodadi Botanical Gardens offer a peaceful day out, as well as showing you a very pretty waterfall, and Singosari Temple is a definite must visit, and a fantastic example of Hindu structures.

Whilst Malang might not be as widely known as cities such as Jakarta, it is certainly up and coming, and a place everyone visiting this region should head to.


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