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Tanzania’s Top 5 Luxury Safari Camps

Tanzania is known as the giraffe of Africa since it looks down on everyone else as they have political problems, and it has none. The country is also one of the only places in Africa when one can well and truly get off the beaten track and into some of the most dramatic and beautiful locations in the world – and all of this while you’re surrounded by stunning scenery and abundant wildlife. Tanzania also still has a very strong cultural element and you can spend time with the Masai in a natural and authentic way, and truly get to know about their lives and how they live. Tanzania also boasts some of the most exciting and awe inspiring luxury safari camps in Africa and it is this that we’d like to draw to your attention. Here are Tanzania’s top five quirky and unusual luxury safari camps:

1 Nduara Loliondo – this luxury camp is set in the Eastern Serengeti in an area dominated by the Masai tribe. The camp is exceptionally romantic and multi cultural – made out Mongolian Yurts, decorated with Indian furnishings this luxury safari camp is the ideal place from which you can spend a lot of time with the Masai in a very authentic way. Here you won’t see another tourists and will certainly feel very at home.

nduara loliondo

2 Greystoke Mahale – this luxury camp is set in the Mahale Mountains in the Western area of Tanzania and is magical – it is hard to imagine anywhere more remote than this in all of Africa and it is the only place you can track chimps through the jungle and experience the great lakes without the people. Greystoke offers guests everything from a beach experience to a rainforest experience and that is what makes this place truly unique.


3 Ngorongoro Crater Lodge – this luxury lodge has had a lot of publicity over the last few decades. It’s over the top, elegant, ostentatious and exceptionally spoiling and a stay here is well worth the price tag it comes with. The lodge has dramatic views of the Ngorongoro Crater and everything that lies beneath – breakfast is a magical affair as you stare out into the shadows and lakes of the Crater itself.

ngorongoro crater lodge

4 Lamai Nomad – this Northern Serengeti property is beautifully designed with natural materials and white cooling soft furnishings. The views lead all the way to Kenya’s Masai Mara and it’s elevated position amongst the flat rocks is just magical. From the end of July until October you can see the wildebeest migraton here but the magic really happens once the migration (and with it the crowds of people) are gone. The game viewing here is excellent all year round.

lamai nomad2

5 Sand Rivers Selous – this Southern Tanzania lodge is also very famous but it’s actually quite hard to truly put into words how special this area is. Your rooms look out onto the mighty Rufiji River which is full of hippos and crocodiles. Nothing can compare to the feeling of relaxing with the river ahead and the purple mountains in the distance. This lodge is perhaps one of the most unique in all of Africa, there’s just something in the air here!

sand rivers

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