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Top Money-Saving Tips for Your Money-Saving Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can afford luxury villa rentals in Barbados? Celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg spend their holidays on the beaches here while plenty of couples consider it a prime spot for a honeymoon. But the truth of the matter is that it’s actually possible to enjoy a trip here without breaking the bank. It’s a festive country where people enjoy music, and where nature offers a free show every day and night.

You just need a bit of planning, and you can enjoy Barbados on a more modest budget:

Rent a Villa

While luxury villas abound, you can rent one that’s a lot more affordable. Some villas offer 2 bedrooms along with a short walk to the beach for just a few hundred dollars. If you’re travelling in a large group, it’s certainly convenient and economical too. You enjoy privacy plus your very own kitchen. Some can go for as low as just $200 a night.

It’s best to also stick to the south coast, as it’s more affordable in general.

Avoid the Peak Season

The peak season here is from December to April. Hurricane season is from June to October. So a quick glance at the calendar shows that you can have a fine time here in May and November. In fact, even the hurricane season isn’t a really a and idea because the major storms generally don’t pass by Barbados. In the off-season you can have brief rainfalls, which are great with the high temperature and humidity.

Don’t Drink Expensive Stuff

You don’t need top shelf drinks to have fun here. Do as the locals do and just drink rum. Try the famed Mount Gay Rum, either solo or as a cocktail. If beer is your choice, go with Banks Beer which is a light beer and great for the climate.

Your Barbados vacation isn’t complete without venturing into a rum shack too. These are the local bars you can find all over the island. The local prices are cheap for the drinks and the food, the people are friendly, and they sure can carry a conversation. You can buy rum by the shot or spit a bottle with your friends.

A scenic bar at the beachfront is a great option as well, especially at sunset. During Happy Hour, the drinks will cost you a measly $4 each. Then finish the night off with a 6-pack of Banks Beer and that will cost you only $6. Try it with English cheddar, as you won’t spend $4 for a huge chunk that weighs a whole pound.

Cook Your Food

It’s true that you should spend some time at the various restaurants here. On a Friday night, you must visit Oistin Fish Fry for some fantastic fun. You have festive music, a party atmosphere, and plenty of smiling folks having a great time. Try the fish fry—that’s also a “must” as well.

Yet when you’re in your villa, you can use the kitchen to prepare your meals for less money. Visit the fish markets at Bridgetown or Speightstown or at Oistin too. For breakfast, add mango to your fried eggs. Prepare some sandwiches before you head to the beach.

Travel by Bus

You can rent an open-air beach buggy here, but that can deplete your resources especially if you rent for the whole week. If you’re going to use it to explore, just use it for a couple of days or so.

On the other hand, you can just try the bus. These vehicles are like party places, as they’re often blasting festive music as you travel along. These buses can get you to Oistin or Bridgetown for duty-free shopping, and it’ll cost you less than a dollar per trip.

Enjoy the country, and it won’t take long for you to get into a party vibe all the time. In Barbados, it’s as if the party doesn’t stop!



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