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When City and Nature Collide

Cities are fantastic for a few days away; you can enjoy a new vibrant atmosphere, with plentiful attractions to enjoy and experiences to have. Every city in the world is famous for something, but there aren’t many that combine the vibrancy of city life, whilst also being totally laid back, totally chilled out, and surrounded by some of the best beaches you will set your eyes on.

When visiting Australia you have lots of cities to choose from, but have you considered heading to Perth?

If not, why not?

This is one of the most beautiful, laid back, and vibrant cities around, and it is also surrounded by some of the best beaches in the whole country – when you consider the size of Australia, that’s quite some claim to fame!

Finding the best accommodation for your needs is the number one priority when planning your visit, because you don’t want to be too far away from the main action. Whilst there are plenty of hotels around, if you’re looking for a more home away from home feel to your break, check out the many serviced apartments Perth on offer, to help you truly kick back and relax in homely surroundings.

Of course, Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, and it runs along the banks of the beautiful Swan River. The area around the city is certainly worth exploring, with those aforementioned paradise beaches only a short drive away. Another must visit spot is Rottnest Island. This is where the locals go at the weekend to chill out in total peace and tranquillity, whilst also being a tourist hotbed, without the crowds and neon lights. The island is actually car-free, but you can hire a bike and head off to your heart’s content. To get to the island, head to Fremantle and jump on the ferry, with the journey taking around half an hour. The ferry fare is quite expensive, but if you go on a Tuesday, it’s usually cheaper, thanks to discounts. When you get there, be sure to look out for the wildlife, including dolphins and whales, depending on the time of year you go.

Back in the city itself, Perth is also equally as laid back as its island neighbour, and you can also head off and enjoy the many walking and cycling trails in and around the city itself. The walking trails which run along the banks of the Swan River are particularly pretty, and good for all abilities and fitness levels.

In the city itself, you can look forward to the usual city life fun, including shopping, nightlife, restaurants, and lots of cafes to sit and watch the world go by. Fremantle and Northbridge are the main nightlife and foodie areas, however the city centre is also full of options to try out. 

Is Perth on your visit list?

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